KeBlack / Control - CD
KeBlack / Control - CD

KeBlack / Control - CD

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Album tracks:

1. Default
2. Mimi
3. Aminata
4. Not Allowed (feat. Dadju)
5. Netflix & Story
6. Stop
7. Flowers (feat. Naza)
8. Without family
9. KDO
10. Solide (feat. Amely)
11. Control
12. Slut (feat. Leto)
13. Paradise
14. Adios (feat. Hatik)
15. For love
16. Problems
17. I make my life (feat. Ninho)

Pioneer of the French afro-pop genre, KeBlack returns by shaking up his formula with his new album “ Control ”. Via various influences (ndombolo rhythms, summer hits, atmospheres, etc.) he brings the public something to find again while testifying to a real evolution in artistic direction. This album is a journey of emotions and senses, KeBlack expresses his sadness, his distress, his joys, his desires and even his disappointments. This musical outlet allows him to control and channel what he is to bring out the best in himself.