Kekra / Kekra (Free Edition) - CD
Kekra / Kekra (Free Edition) - CD

Kekra / Kekra (Free Edition) - CD

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  • CD Jewel Case
  • “Free” edition with exclusive new title

Album tracks:

1. On the back
2. Young Thug
3. Manners
4. Baby monitor
5. Drunk
6. Laforet
7. Ready
8. No friends
9. Here
10 I turn off
11. Phenomenon
12. No Stress
13. Hokuto
14. Thriller
15. Number 9
16. Without mine
17. Capri
18. Too quickly (unreleased title exclusive to this edition)

2020 marked the big return of his Freebase mixtape series with the release of its fourth part. In 2021, Kekra takes another step forward with the release of her new solo album: Kekra

An eponymous opus with a rich universe in which the artist continues to explore new sounds. Freeing herself from the codes of French rap, Kekra mixes genres with ease and develops, on this record, a strong and unique image.