Koopsala / Skurrderia - CD
Koopsala / Skurrderia - CD

Koopsala / Skurrderia - CD

Godfatha Production
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Koopsala had a successful 2019 with the release of several singles and videos. It's now time to reveal Skurrderia 's new album.

The album contains several collaborations with Montreal composers and offers a mix of styles that few rappers can afford. The artist explores trap, EDM, folk and afro-trap in a flow of words and earworms.

Album tracks:

1. Problem
2. Do
3. One Thousand and One Nights
4. Gilles Villeneuve
5. Music of the Sun (feat. Lalla)
6. Stromae
7. Rambo in my lambo
8. Move
9. Down with It
10. Chardonnay
11. North Pole
12. Gray Sky

Published on December 6, 2019.