Koriass / Love Supreme - CD

Koriass / Love Supreme - CD

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“Love is all you need. » Never heard or spoken throughout the 47 minutes of the LP, Lennon's immortal phrase nevertheless seems to be established here as a dogma. Love is... All you need. A doctrine phrase, an obsession stretched to the point of its absolutely narcissistic conception. From one end of the opus to the other, it is this love, the self-love that he questions with Love Suprême , the coveted fourth album from Koriass . And the tone that evokes it is corrosive.

As serious as amused, sometimes supported by the words and voices of friends Lary — “Pretty girls” — and Loud — “Pardon” —, and those of the talented Sabrina Halde from Groenland — “Love Suprême” —, the rapper aligns 12 solid and dense original pieces. Strong texts which, skillfully, with power and sensitivity, set to music by him and his co-composers Ruffsound and Philippe Brault – the latter also co-directing, otherwise impeccable – give all its strength and relevance to this major album. by Koriass , probably his most accomplished to date.

Album tracks:

1. Leader
2. Hate Supreme #1
3. Legendary
4. Zombies
5. Hate Supreme #2
6. Nowhere
7. Pretty Girls (feat. Lary Kidd)
8. Hate Supreme #3
9. Blacklights
10. Open your window
11. Hate Supreme #4
13. Sooner or later
14. Pardon (feat. Loud)
15. Hate Supreme #5
16. Love Supreme (feat. Sabrina Halde)
17. Nothing else