The Smiling Boot / Anthology 1 and 2 - 2CD
The Smiling Boot / Anthology 1 and 2 - 2CD

The Smiling Boot / Anthology 1 and 2 - 2CD

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  • Double CD cardboard sleeve

Compilation tracks:

CD 1
1. The reality of Pointe-au-Pic
2. The little key ring
3. Pauline's skates / The little woodsman
4. 2033
5. R&C
6. Pinci-tweezer
7. The seeker's song
8. The reality of flying saucers
9. Yo-yo
10. Through the Glass
11. The wild nightingale
12. Crossing the Atlantic / The square set at Pitou Boudreault
13. The happiest day
14. The blacksmith's reel
15. My father, please marry me / The newlyweds' reel
16. It’s in Paris
17. Reel by Jos Cormier
18. Rap ​​in Ti-Pétang
19. The Beluga Waltz

CD 2
1. The drunkard
2. The big coast
3. Toast the love
4. A Sunday morning
5. The brunette is here
6. The girl hires
7. The robineux
8. The lake in Beauce
9. Bankruptcy
10. Down here on earth
11. In our old houses
12. A little help ladies
13. Martin of the gallery hunt
14. Is there a brunette in Paris?
15. The Monk Simon
16. Oh that’s good, good…
17. A Boy's Life
18. Farewell Virginia
19. My wife died
20. If winter can take

This musical anthology highlights the 25-year career of La Bottine Souriante . Each title has been carefully selected from the approximately 121 that have been recorded by the group since its beginnings. There are also two pieces previously unreleased on disc but which have been presented several times on stage. This album brings together the most significant pieces, that is to say those which best illustrate certain decisive moments which guided the trajectory of La Bottine Souriante . Through this short journey, we invite you to discover (or rediscover) the different training and influences that have marked its evolution.