The Smiling Boot / Dance - CD

The Smiling Boot / Dance - CD

Productions Mille-Pattes
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  • CD Cardboard sleeve

Album tracks:

1. Set in Ubert
2. Sweden Inn
3. Pauline's skates / The little woodsman
4. The reel of Baie-Saint-Paul
5. The golden wedding
6. The reality of Pointe-au-Pic
7. The Acadian
8. Waterfowl Reel
9. The white hand reel
10. Ti Do in Ti-Douard
11. The reality of flying saucers
12. The dream of the beggar Tremblay 2
13. Tribute to Gilles Brunet
14. Autumn Sky
15. The Blacksmith's Reel
16. The Beluga Waltz

Here is a collection of exclusively instrumental pieces from 8 La Bottine Souriante albums from 1982 to 2003.

These are striking works that have caught our attention and which will undoubtedly give the listener the desire to party. Good listening!