The Smiling Boot / The Mistrine - LP Vinyl

The Smiling Boot / The Mistrine - LP Vinyl

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  • Red vinyl record 140 g
  • Including insert with lyrics

Album tracks:

In front of
1. The reality of flying saucers
2. Down here on earth
3. Martin de la Chasse-Galerie
4. The Mistrine
5. The white hand reel
6. The tourtière
7. The Irish reel (Sheepskin beeswax)

Side B
1. Christopher
2. The folklorist's lament
3. Rap ​​in Ti-Pétang
4. Waterfowl Reel
5. In our old houses

La Mistrine is the 8th studio album by the Quebec folk music group La Bottine Souriante . The album was originally released in 1994. The tracks are mostly arrangements of traditional pieces, with the addition of modern instruments such as brass. This is one of the group's most completed albums. The piece Martin de la Chasse-galerie is one of the most famous of the group, and was written by Michel Rivard and performed by Michel Bordeleau .