The Turbulence of Fluids (2002) - DVD

The Turbulence of Fluids (2002) - DVD

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Alice ( Pascale Bussières ), a seismologist working in Japan, is forced to return to Quebec to try to resolve a strange phenomenon: for a week, in a small remote bay in northern Quebec, the tide has stopped. Upon setting foot in Baie-Comeau, the scientist's investigation takes an unexpected turn. The place is unbearably humid, people behave crazy, a little Chinese girl sleepwalks every night and the phone number of Marc ( Jean-Nicolas Verreault ), an attractive tanker pilot, is snatched from everyone. city ​​telephone directories. To solve an impossible riddle, Alice will have to learn to forget science and trust her feelings instead.

A film by Manon Briand

Country: Canada, France
Year of release: 2002
Genre: Fiction
French language
Original duration: 113 minutes

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