LaF / Citadelle - CD

LaF / Citadelle - CD

7ieme Ciel Records
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Both the first official album, as well as the first opus to be released on the 7ième Ciel label, “Citadelle” presents 14 tracks rich in vast and assertive sound research. A logical continuation of the group's previous projects, "Citadelle" fits into current hip-hop trends while maintaining, this time, a close link with electronic music and French-speaking pop, particularly on the pieces in collaboration with the guitarist Clément “Pops” Langlois-Légaré (Clay and Friends).

The whole result is a hybrid style, meticulous and accessible. As for the text, we denote a predominance of melodies and the presence of an ambient melancholy, a characteristic style of the three rappers. Their feathers resolutely anchored in emotion bear witness to the group's broad influences ranging from Quebec indie rock to European rap.

The tangible impact of these influences is felt in the angle adopted towards the hip-hop medium, in its quest for innovation and the unknown, a trend which is expressed, among other things, by the presence collaborators from outside the rap scene, namely Vince James (composition and vocals on “Our wheels”), N NAO (additional vocals on “Our wheels” and “Ultime”) and Émile Tempête (on “Helium”).

The “Citadel” is a fictional place representing security, but also vulnerability depending on which side of the ramparts you are on. This place embodies the refuge of thoughts, perpetual evolution, and highlights the obstacles to overcome to improve consciousness and collective happiness within the “LaF microcosm”.

Album tracks:

1. White
2. Helium
3. Avalanche
4. Sundial
5. Our Wheels (feat. Vince James)
6. G.J.
7. Around the world
8. The key
9. Get Away
10. Chance Encounter (feat. Franky Fade)
11. The rodeo
12. H.B.
13. Satellite
14. Ultimate