Landy / A-One - CD

Landy / A-One - CD

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Landy released his first album “ Assa baing ” on March 8, 2019, which was certified gold a few months later. After a busy year in the news for the Dyonisien with regular appearances on the projects of the greatest and the extract “ No Limit ” soon certified gold released in June 2020, he returns with his 2nd album “ A-One ”, this project confirms the status of a rookie and continues the themes he is used to tackling, varying the musical atmospheres with a touch of emotion in a project that is more personal than one might think.

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Album tracks:

1. A1
2. Lode
3. Make it profitable
4. Medusa
5. Enfants Terribles (feat. Ninho)
7. Millions of Euros (feat. Niska)
8. Behind
9. Baby Ciao
10. Ma Werss (feat. Soolking)
11. Half-brother
12. Voodoo
13. Take Your Pay (feat. Koba LaD)
14. Sicario
15. No limits
16. Full headlights
17. The same