Landy / Assa bain - CD

Landy / Assa bain - CD

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Album tracks:

1. Determine
2. Bresom
3. Time
4. Criminal Association (feat. Heuss l’Enfoiré)
5. The Dyonisian
6. DLV (feat. Marwa Loud)
7. At the source
8. Renato
9. Assa bathing
10. Muerte (feat. Dadju)
11. Madam
12. Escape
13. Manhunt (feat. JUL)
14. A gaou in Saint-Denis
15. New day
16. We got this (feat. Naza)
17. Soldier

The little prince from 93 arrives with his first album entitled “ Assa baing ”.

Landy is undoubtedly one of those whose value does not depend on the number of years. Indeed, the young artist from 93 has achieved the feat of establishing himself as one of the rising stars of French rap in less than a year. Building on his numerous collaborations and in particular his very notable appearance on Sofiane 's “ 93 Empire ” project in 2018, he returns to us at the start of 2019 with his first solo album entitled “ Assa baing ”. A versatile project in which the Dyonisian rapper shows us the extent of his artistic palette by playing with the constraints of the genre and evolving in turn between rap, trap and afro pop songs. Certainly one of the most anticipated projects of the year...