Jerome's secret - DVD

Jerome's secret - DVD

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In 1863, a young man was found with both legs cut off on a beach in the Bay of Fundy, in the heart of Acadian country. He is entrusted to the care of Jean Nicolas and his wife Juliette. Without identity, apparently mute, the stranger is baptized Jérôme. His arrival creates quite a stir in the village where the worst gossip about Jean and Juliette's infertility is already circulating. Fortunately, the couple can count on the help of Cyrille LeMarquis and his Aboriginal companion Molidge. Who is Jerome? Where is he from?

A classic of Canadian cinema. DVD release to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film, first feature film in Acadia/Quebec co-production

“A gripping film...The whole thing has a great tender charm. THE SECRET OF JEROME can seduce the public” - Le Devoir

" Breathtaking. A unique cinematic adventure. A dense and beautiful film” - Radio-Canada

n 1863, we found a young man with two severed legs on a beach of the Bay of Fundy, in the Acadian country. Jean Nicolas and his wife Juliette take care of him. Without identity, apparently silent, they called the unknown Jerome. His arrival creates quite a stir in the village where the rumor mill is already running about the infertility of Jean Nicolas and Juliette.

A classic Canadian film available on DVD for the fist time to celebrate it's 20th Anniversary. A mysterious story that is sometimes regarded as a legend. And yet, this moving work is inspired by true events