The beautiful discomforts / The complete - Blu-ray

The beautiful discomforts / The complete - Blu-ray

TVA Films
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Rewatch in a single box set, containing the 4 seasons , all the notable moments of the series Les beaux malaises which made you laugh and cry so much!

The series Les beaux malaises offers scenes of daily life where Martin comes up against the harshness of daily family life, the complexity of friendly relationships and the stupidity of society. And for once, Martin Matte is not always at his best!

Education, ambition, love, friendship, old age, consumption, sexuality, money, notoriety, intimidation, routine, illness, all the reasons are good to turn into a nightmare and turn from laughter to discomfort. Beautiful discomforts. Martin causes discomfort, suffers from it, but the series above all propagates this discomfort with a lot of humor.


  • Martin's discomfort
  • The beautiful little discomforts
  • The bloopers
  • The beautiful bloopers
  • The beautiful bloopers 2
  • Episodes commented by Martin Matte

Audio: French 5.1
Encoding for the hearing impaired: French
Image format:
16:9 / 1.78:1
Duration: 13 hours

Blu-ray Disc Region A