The Charbonniers of Hell ‎/ New connections - CD

The Charbonniers of Hell ‎/ New connections - CD

La Tribu
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Album tracks:

1. The Wagon
2. The wind will carry us
3. O Mary
4. Walking to the city
5. Make land
6. Welcome to humans
7. Nikana
8. Plain Days
9. Song of a Patriot
10. The comet
11. Toilet song
12. Léopold Gibouleau
13. Hold Up
14. In prison now

With New Attendance , The Charbonniers of Hell are revealed in a new light! The all-star a cappella quintet of traditional music, composed by Michel Bordeleau , Michel Faubert , André Marchand , Jean-Claude Mirandette and Normand Miron , offers a brilliant selection of pieces from contemporary Quebec, French and American repertoire, combining pop songs, poetry and adaptation in the case of a Neil Young ballad.

Listening to Nouvelles frequentations , a unifying and extremely touching record, we rediscover the unique voices and the maturity of these five men in the prime of their lives. Fragility and rootedness, two words which sum up the subject and the power of this album.

Great and beautiful songs that the legendary group delivers in an a cappella version (voice and podorythmy) with intensity and nuances. Pieces that touch our hearts.