Les Cowboys Fringants / America Cries (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - 2LP Vinyl

Les Cowboys Fringants / America Cries (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - 2LP Vinyl

La Tribu
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Double black vinyl record 180 g

  • “Wide Spine” style pouch

Album tracks:

Disc 1

In front of
1. America cries
2. Suburbs
3. Straight ahead
4. Winter is coming

Side B
1. At half mast
2. All houses are the same
3. October
4. Reel Marie
5. Autumn tune
6. Pizza Galaxy

Disc 2

Side C
1. Basement
2. Shooting stars
3. Wasted time
4. Merchant Navy
5. Royal Pub

Side D
1. Intro Nothing more
2. Nothing more
3. On my shoulder
4. America is crying (Around the fire version)

By popular demand, here is finally the soundtrack to AMERICA CRIPS – THE MOVIE! Remember that Les Cowboys Fringants offered, in December 2020, a unique film created from 16 songs carefully drawn from their generous repertoire. AMERICA CRYES – THE FILM , a large-scale concert-event recorded in the wilderness, without an audience, in total symbiosis with the elements. A road movie that took us to the four corners of our beautiful province, inspired by the deeply humanist vision of the Cowboys Fringants which takes on its full meaning in the genius of the compositions of Jean-François, Marie-Annick, Jérôme and Karl. Touching and most memorable performances that highlight the exceptional writing of the group's author, Jean-François Pauzé. All the songs from the film can be found on the soundtrack: two versions of the immense success America is crying , a rereading of the classic At half mast , the touching On my shoulder ...