Les Cowboys Fringants ‎/ Que du vent - CD

Les Cowboys Fringants ‎/ Que du vent - CD

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Album tracks:
1. TV
2. Paris - Montreal
3. Marilou doesn’t care
4. The clock
5. Only wind
6. Middle class (with anchovies)
7. Like Joe Dassin
8. Hasbeen
9. Party!
10. Shooters
11. We're holding on

For the release of their eleventh album (their eighth of original songs), Les Cowboys Fringants are once again creating an event.

The Cowboys present Que du vent , an album (concise and intense) of 11 new songs. A record that moves. Musically, the Cowboys are renewing themselves and offering an album inspired by the energy of the hundreds of shows they have given over the last three years. In control of the production, they offer a more rock, more electric and ever more festive sound, developing in the process a new dimension where vocal harmonies illuminate lively moments of music.

The voice of singer Karl Tremblay , more controlled and nuanced than ever, perfectly serves the exceptional texts of Jean-François Pauzé . Several pieces are driven at breakneck speed by a solid rhythm section, carried by Jérôme Dupras on bass, and by careful and inventive melodic arrangements, made by the talented multi-instrumentalist Marie-Annick Lépine and by each of the Cowboys .

Que du vent , it's an album that joyfully waltzes between portraits of society, tunes of (broken) love, character stories, amusing winks... with a dose of self-deprecation along the way! Only wind offers us the portrait of a Quebec today, of an America and a world obsessed with celebrity (" Put your ass / Your soul bare / In order / To be recognized / In the street "), a society of consumption and contradictions ( Middle Class, Shooters ) which we observe through the eyes of an ordinary man who watches his life go by (" And the ordinary man sets his watch to the time / Because suddenly time runs out / If once it was not a factor / The latter becomes precious and counted ). Que du vent is a lucid look at the world (" There are words in the air / Ben of the silence that is lost / Too much noise for so little, often / Only wind... ") where points to a certain glimmer of hope. A world where love makes its way (" Between the pitfalls and the joys / We don't let go and we hold on / If love zigzags a little sometimes / It's never far from home » ), breaks (“ How long is the road to destiny / When we have to step on each other’s hearts ”), solidifies (“ But before love / Does not die and frays / We tie it with d 'spindle "). A world where it is sometimes necessary to laugh at yourself (“ We’re hasbeens! ”).