The Ionic Garbage / I'm Coming Drunk - LP Vinyl

The Ionic Garbage / I'm Coming Drunk - LP Vinyl

Je me souviens / Propagande
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  • Green vinyl record 140 g
  • 45 RPM
  • Free download included (for 29 tracks in MP3, FLAC, WAV formats: The album Je m'en rien soûl and the complete discography with Kat (96-99), including the demo and unreleased tracks)

Album tracks:

In front of
1. The peritive
2. Are we defeated?
4. My silent lover
5. Paranoia in unreality
6. The Garbage Saga

Side B
1. Evening and…
2. Garbage offspring
3. Commit, recommit
4. The Polska
5. The pretenthlon
6. Beer Is God!
7. Thank you! (The digestive)

Recently struck by tragedy ( link ) – their singer, Marie-Pier Lavigne died in France last spring during an accident – ​​Les Ordures Ioniques keep a resolutely focused look towards the future, while celebrating their past. Propaganda Distribution is proud to offer you their first disc, Je m'en rien soûl , a cult album of Quebec punk celebrating its 20th anniversary, remastered and for the first time on vinyl (enhanced by a download including 16 bonus songs, including their demo and unreleased ones).