Ionic Garbage / Getting drunk! - CD

Ionic Garbage / Getting drunk! - CD

Je me souviens / Propagande
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  • CD Cardboard sleeve

Album tracks:

1. An ounce of glory
2. 100 crops
3. Legacy
4. Vaudreuil (the suburbs stroll)
5. The troubadour
6. We will all die poor
7. So be it
8. Prayer of a punk rocker
9. Public peace
10. Necrotics
11. The adventurers
12. The right time
13. Penance
14. Long live punk

Les Ordures Ioniques is a French punk rock group that has been fueled by distortion, decibels and alcohol since 1995. They have only one desire: to make noise! Their lyrics are a cocktail between humor and protest and their music, an alloy between French punk and high-voltage rock.

Although over time the band has had to undergo some small surgeries, they still make a sound that is just as strong and a message that is just as explosive. These punk troubadours promise to be loud.