The Rita Mitsouko / System D - CD

The Rita Mitsouko / System D - CD

Word and Sound
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Album tracks:

1. At the end of the hallway
2. Get Up, Get Older
3. There is hatred
4. The steppe
5. The lovers
6. The private mansion
7. Businesswoman
8. My Love Is Bad (feat. Iggy Pop)
9. Song of
10. Elevator
11. Godfather of Soul
12. Dear little ones
13. The good life
14. Modern whale

Rita Mitsouko fans consider “ Systeme D ” (1993) to be one of their most successful albums. The music, the arrangements and the lyrics are lost upon first listening to this album, which surfs on ever more varied styles, deliberately out of trend. And this is precisely the secret of a durability that is difficult to calibrate with distorted, dissonant rhythms that go in all directions. But let's leave to the sacred duo, the dose of unpredictable which gives them their charm. Here, the arpeggios shatter, giving pride of place to the dizzying back and forth of swing, blues and rap. There, the songs stand out with their corrosive, neurotic lyrics (“ Y’a d’lahate ”, “ Chères petite ”, “ La belle vie ”). Note the cover, new version of "La steppe" from their first album released in 83, " Don't Forget the Nite ", and a duet with Iggy Pop for " My Love Is Bad ".