The Three Accords / Lots of Pleasure - CD

The Three Accords / Lots of Pleasure - CD

La Tribu
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Album tracks:

1. Lots of fun
2. Corinne
3. Open your eyes Simon!
4. Concussion (on the pontoon)
5. Rebecca
6. Everyone flips
7. Bacteria #1
8. Automotive
9. Three-quarter Albino
10. Group activity
11. Dark circles

The Three Accords offer us Lots of Pleasure , a collage of happy flashes brought together to form a real party album. Bubbles of madness. Bursts of rejoicing. Eleven unifying hits straight from their unique and offbeat imagination which follow one another as always with catchy melodies and wild rhythms.

At Studio Wild, Alexandre Parr , Charles Dubreuil , Pierre-Luc Boisvert and Simon Proulx hole up in the woods in the company of their longtime filmmaking accomplices: Gus Van Go and Werner F. A musical camp in nature in which they have all the freedom to let themselves be carried away by the songs, without distraction.

In Lots of Pleasure , Les Trois Accords imposes only one constraint: the cow bell. And everyone is already losing control.