The Three Accords ‎/ In my body - LP Vinyl

The Three Accords ‎/ In my body - LP Vinyl

La Tribu
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  • 180g black vinyl record

Album tracks:

In front of
1. In my body
2. Your pants are full
3. Video camera
4. Her name was Serge
5. Poetry Night
6. The doctor's office

Side B
1. Pastel sweater
2. Not able to stop
3. The moon
4. Crunch necks
5. Optimistic Club

Released in 2009, the group's third album, under the direction of Gus van Go , is an even more festive album than the previous ones. The Three Accords bring additional depth to the texts and push the exploration of their absurd writing towards new horizons.

Furthermore, by introducing extensive instrumentation and broadening the spectrum of their influences, Les Trois Accords deliver an album demonstrating full mastery of their style. The album includes the hits " Dans mon corps ", " Elle s'appelle Serge " and " Le bureau du doctor ".