Let It Ride (2006) - DVD

Let It Ride (2006) - DVD

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Let It Ride is an intimate portrait of Craig Kelly, a name synonymous with the sport of snowboarding.

Kelly was a perennial champion over his 15-year professional career, and then he did the unthinkable, turning his back on multi-million-dollar deals in order to indulge his love of "freeriding" in back country – just himself and a physical and spiritual connection with nature. In time Kelly qualified as a mountain guide in British Columbia – the first snowboarder ever to do so – and it was there that he met his end in an avalanche at the age of 38.

Using footage shot over a number of years, Kelly's friend Jacques Russo has made a remarkable film that is at one and the same time a documentary on the subculture of snowboarding and a biography of its foremost practitioner.

Kelly was celebrated not only for his championship performances but also for a uniquely fluid manner of snowboarding and for an unparalleled sense of the best, and most dazzling, way to come down a mountain – and Let It Ride is generous in its depiction of those literally breathtaking descents.

A bonus is an award-winning soundtrack featuring a long list of bands of our time, with narration by Metallica front man James Hetfield.

Genre: Documentary
Director: Jacques Russo
Language: English
Run Time: 90 minutes