Lise payette: a little higher, a little further (2014) - DVD

Lise payette: a little higher, a little further (2014) - DVD

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Technical sheet
French language
Sound: 5.1 surround
Subtitles: None
Image format: 16:9
Duration: 79 minutes

“Her name is Lise Payette, and she’s my grandmother. » It is with these words that this moving documentary opens. Radio and television host, author of numerous television novels, documentaries and books, Lise Payette became a minister in the government of René Lévesque and created the Automobile Insurance Act. She continues her fight for the status of women and the achievement of sovereignty. The political, social and cultural legacy of Lise Payette is formidable. His struggles and his words are symptomatic of the history of our nation. They are part of the actions carried out by all Quebecers who allowed Quebec to emerge from the shadow of the Great Darkness. Discover in this documentary all the facets of the endearing and fascinating personality of Lise Payette.

The journey of a woman who marked the history of Quebec

With interviews with a number of personalities, notably Gilles Vigneault, Pauline Marois, Céline Dion, Claude Charron, Stéphane Laporte, Jean Bissonnette and the leaders of the “maple spring”