Lofofora / Hard as iron - CD
Lofofora / Hard as iron - CD

Lofofora / Hard as iron - CD

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Released in March 1999, Dur comme fer is Lofofora 's third studio album. The twelve tracks of this album were recorded in October 1998, at the Hautregard Recording studio (Liège, Belgium), by André Gielen who had already officiated on their previous album, Peuh!

The title The liquids of my body is a collaboration with the Dutch group Transpunk .

The title PMGBO (Partouze Musicale Gang Bang Oral) celebrates ten years of the group by bringing together members of La Calcine , Kabal , LTNO , Mass Hysteria and Oneyed Jack .

Album track:

1. Help
2. Charisman
3. Incarnate
4. People
5. Series B
6. Hard as iron
7. 1 million
8. Dream and die in democracy
9.5 billion
10. Fluids in my body
11. Weedo
12. PMGBO (Oral Gang Bang Musical Orgy)

Published on August 11, 1999