Mac Tyer / Black III - 3LP Vinyl
Mac Tyer / Black III - 3LP Vinyl

Mac Tyer / Black III - 3LP Vinyl

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  • Triple black vinyl record 140 g
  • Gatefold Pouch

Album tracks:

Disc 1: Black I

In front of
1. Motorcycle (feat. Ninho)
2. Compton
3. Winter
4. Shooters (feat. Kalash Criminal)

Side B
1. Gun
2. K-way
3. Make it beautiful (feat. Ikyass & 2G)
4. Convertible

Disc 2: Black II

In front of
1. Promises
2. Youvoi
3. Palette (feat. Heuss The Bastard)
4. 2020
5. My life

Side B
2. Nothing
3. The price (feat. 4Keus)
4. Child of the binks
5. Trophy

Disc 3: Black III

In front of
2. Bad Weather (feat. Monsieur)
3. Gang
4. Our neighborhoods (feat. Leto)
5. Paul Wall
6. Drip

Side B
1. Grammy (feat. Freeze Corleone)
2. President
3. Too much
4. Richard
5. RS Pot

Mac Tyer , one of the pillars of French rap, returned to power with these EPs “ Noir I ” and “ Noir II ”, respectively released in 2020 and 2021. With thousands of streams and a platinum single, he is back in this end of the year with the third opus “ Noir III ” where we find alongside him two rappers who have been on the rise in recent years, Freeze Corleone and Leto . A project finalizing this trilogy on which the word "black" takes on its full meaning with the choice of dark and lunar productions accompanied by a pen, one of the most beautiful in French rap, which in turn challenges us, questions us, surprises us.