Mack & Ro / Romaine - CD

Mack & Ro / Romaine - CD

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Mack & Ro is a duo of French-speaking country singers with a contemporary style composed of Kaven Brassard and André Richard . They are a duo of creators and performers of country songs. Currently pooling their energy on the release of their very first album, these artists made themselves known in particular with their very first single entitled ROMAINE , a radio success which surprised more than one thanks to a different country sound and a lyric heart touching.

Bringing together more than 25 years of professional music, Mack & Ro has long worked on its original material in order to deliver songs that speak to the public. Made up of two cousins ​​with similar tastes in music, this duo is inspired by French-speaking artists who have made history in Quebec. Musically, inspiration comes from both Canadian and American composers. With themes such as love, loneliness, celebration and work, this duo tells stories that touch and arouse nostalgia, reflection and emotion. Strong vocal presence, catchy instrumentation, Mack & Ro brings a refreshing breath.

Album tracks:

1. She is beautiful
2. Come on, get in
3. I want to be a trucker
4. The last chance
5. Hey! Albert
6. Because of you (every time)
7. (I do) Facing the wind
8. Alone and for a long time
9. Decadence
10. When we love
11. Roman