Manu Militari / Ocean - CD

Manu Militari / Ocean - CD

Productions Grande Plume
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Album tracks:

1. Will
2. Mami Chula (feat. Frank Nino)
3. Ocean
4. Dedication
5. The Alchemist
6. Do your shift
7. Family Portrait (feat. Stan)
8. The descent
9. Amen
10. Peace and Love
11. Live and let live
12. Everything is said

This fourth album by Manu Militari is a journey in the shoes (sometimes bare feet) of men and women from different worlds, whom we will come to understand and even love. It is an ambitious album due to the originality of the subjects and the authenticity of the reflection. Océan is also the most personal work that Grande Plume has signed to date, as evidenced by the piece Peace and love , which transports us to the era of "daisies in long hair" and which traces the tragic story of love between his father and mother.