Marc-André Pépin / Hibernation - CD

Marc-André Pépin / Hibernation - CD

Marc-André Pépin
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Pianist and composer Marc-André Pépin returns with a sixth album entitled Hibernation . The proposed title is a metaphor linked to what we have experienced in recent months. The unexpected happened. The confinement came to us suddenly. At first, it felt like a vacation, but not quite. It was more like a long series of Sundays like those of yesteryear when everything was closed. At first, the decree of a break from our hectic pace of life is perceived as calming , but quickly, questioning and contradictory feelings emerged. Melancholy , boredom , inconstancy have made their way despite some relaxations to help hold on. The end of confinement was a clearing, but at the same time a false joy , because there were still too many constraints. But the real improvement will come. We don't know when, but it will come and we can finally be reborn . Then again, we will be able to return to our normal human relationships.

This album follows Saintes Nuits and Tempus Fugit released in 2018. The latter album received a nomination at the 2018 ADISQ Gala in the “Instrumental Album of the Year” category. Previously, Marc-André published Ciels variables in the fall of 2013, Rendez-vous in 2010 which also earned a nomination at ADISQ 2011 . His first album Chansons sans mots was released in 2008. Marc-André is a member of the American collective “Enlightened Piano Radio”, with whom he had the privilege of participating in October 2015 in the concert “Enlightened Piano Radio Awards Ceremony and Concert” at the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York.

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Album tracks:

1. Hibernation
2. Soothing / Calming
3. Questions / Concerns
4. Conflicting Feelings / Mixed Feelings
5. Melancholy / Melancholy
6. The unexpected / Unexpected
7. Relaxation / Loosening
8. Boredom Waltz
9. False joy / False Joy
10. Inconsistency
11. Embellished / Silver Lining
12. Reborn / Rebirth