Maria Cannelloni / Le Tourne-Fêtes (EP) - CD

Maria Cannelloni / Le Tourne-Fêtes (EP) - CD

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Tracks from the EP:

1. Rock Star Man
2. Billie Circus
3. The winter kite
4. The gourmet calendar
5. The legend of Fifi the fiddler
6. Little Santa Claus

After traveling across Quebec all summer in the company of the Macaroni Orchestra and chef Romano, the colorful conductor Maria Cannelloni presents her mini Christmas album.

It is to the sound of crazy rhythms, snow rock and fanfare of bells that the magic of the holidays is lit in these six new pieces filled with very sweet treats.

With the collaboration of Rémi Giguère in the production and the joyful Macaroni Orchestra, Maria transports us into festive worlds of varied colors that will leave neither young nor old indifferent.

Happy holiday season everyone xx