Martine St-Clair / Heart-computer - CD

Martine St-Clair / Heart-computer - CD

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For the first time available on CD, the first album of his career, his favorite album: Cœur-computer (1982).

The successes Le fils de Superman , Oublie-moi , Un homme sentimental and Pleure, ma p'tite sister allowed Martine St-Clair a dazzling entry into radio stations throughout Quebec. Entirely written by Luc Plamondon , this album with pop accents confirms that the interpreter of Cristal in the rock opera “Starmania” is here to stay and make his mark in the French-speaking musical landscape.

In 1980, Martine won her first Félix in the “Revelation of the Year” category for her role as Cristal even though she did not yet have an album to her credit.

Album tracks:

1. Forget me
2. Superman's son
3. A sentimental man
4. Let it go
5. Everything is moving too fast
6. That morning
7. If you leave
8. Cry, my little sister
9. Mississauga
10. Computer heart