Massicotte / At Niagara Falls - CD

Massicotte / At Niagara Falls - CD

Massicotte Musique
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Massicotte is finally back with a brand new album, Aux falls Niagara . A collection of 10 tracks which allows us to dive back with the greatest pleasure into the rock-western universe, both visceral and deadpan, of the singer-songwriter. Massicotte retains the crazy signature that characterizes him. On the microphone, he remains authentic, expressive, dynamic, lucid, sometimes zany, sometimes sad. The rhythms of his compositions are denser and his guitar is sharper. As for his texts, they fit into the daily news of the 21st century with a lot of irony.

The first extract launched last April, Tu likes pu mes statutes , perfectly illustrates Massicotte's approach.

Revealed in 2011 with the album Cowboy de ville , which earned him rave reviews, Massicotte did it again two years later with the mini-album I Never Sucended to Dance , produced by Navet Confit . Having performed more than 500 stage performances to date, he will soon be hitting the road again with his brand new show.

Album tracks:

1. It's not your fault
2. At Niagara Falls
3. Chepachuki
4. You like my statuses
5. My heart of hay
6. I look good
7. I wish you loved me
8. Hodgepodge
9. A hole in the heart
10. You shop