Massicotte / I never knew how to dance (EP) - CD

Massicotte / I never knew how to dance (EP) - CD

Massicotte Musique
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Tracks from the EP:

1. Sleepwalking tonight
2. My Dan Boucher album
3. I never knew how to dance
4. Hodgepodge
5. Honey I'm barking
6. There is traffic

A fan of CCR, The Band, Gros Méné, Willie Lamothe, Massicotte is into playful rock songs, and alternates between melancholy and bouts of madness. Recorded at the La Piaule studio (St-Bernardin), at the Navet Confit studio (Montreal) and at Mathieu D'Astous (New Brunswick).

Words and music: Massicotte
Creation and mixing: Navet Confit
Sound recording: Frédéric and Jean-Philippe Levac
Stamping: Luc Papineau