Matt Boudreau / Gull - CD

Matt Boudreau / Gull - CD

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Gull is the debut album by singer-songwriter Matt Boudreau . With raw and true writing, Matt's texts are filled with images from his daily life. Originally from Petit-Rocher, New Brunswick, he is a singer-songwriter with a pen that wanders through heavy rock and soft folk.

His songs, at once romantic, gloomy and funny, come straight out of the mist of life, ending up at the foot of a rock... with their heads in the water. With a rocker's voice and a solid hand on the guitar, he can sound like an Acadian who has listened to too much Bruce Springsteen or like Bruce Springsteen who has listened to too much Lisa Leblanc. The most recent winner of the Caraquet song gala as well as the Kedgwick song summit, his single “Madeleine” is now playing on more than 30 French-speaking radio stations across Canada.

Album tracks:

1. Jackal
3. Mary
4. Gull
5. The fire of bad weather
6. Plow
7. Carolina
8. Ski girl
9. Killer Queen
10. Carl Carmoni
11. The cafeteria
12.800 km (acoustic recovery)
13. Gin Thuya
14. Routine