Maxime Harvey / The world is crazy - CD

Maxime Harvey / The world is crazy - CD

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The world is crazy ” is a play that deals with the history of our planet which is suffering more and more because of wars, pollution and power games. A moving and topical song. Having already passed the milestone of 1,500 views, the video is popular and has been shared in large numbers on social networks since its publication. More than twenty radio stations are currently playing the song across Canada. Maxime Harvey surrounded himself with musician friends including Claude Chapleau , to make the album “ Le monde est fou ”. Founder of the Savane group from the 70s, Maxime has always continued to create music that touches everyone's heartstrings.

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Album tracks:

1. The world is crazy
2. Bikini
3. Men who run
4. The white room
5. Lily Mai
6. So take the time
7. I have the taste
8. Face to face