MCM / Activist - CD

MCM / Activist - CD

Distribution Essentiel
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Album tracks:

1. Activist
2. Hi s****d (feat. Psycadelick)
3. Sick (feat. Ty-Q)
4. Ice Air
5. Re‐frè (feat. Jul-High & Afek-t)
6. Don't try to save me
7. Fauves (feat. Neuf.4 Muzik)
8. Please
9. Swinging
10. Every night
11. Default Solitaire (feat. DJ Fade Wizard)
12. #StrongWoman (feat. Lacerta Mantra, Queen of Spades, Lucenda, Ruby, DS Darkshyne & Kella)
13. I represent my ladies
14. Outro

15. StoryBag #4
16. Blast

Marie-Chantale Mercure , aka MCM , is a rapper born in 1992 in Lac Saint-Jean. She spent her childhood in Chibougamau and moved to Quebec in 2007. Devouring hip-hop musical projects of all kinds and having a marked interest in the rap scene of the Old Capital, she intuitively headed towards the Essentiel productions studio.

This decision will be favorable to her, since upon her arrival, she has the chance to work on a project that allows her to express her artistic impulses. In 2012, after some questioning, her art took another direction and she discovered her full potential, which led her, since 2014, to rap alongside Ty-Q all over Quebec.

A tour with several other artists from the Essentiel productions studio is currently in preparation. Her career includes numerous performances, including the Boom 2016 competition, organized by Les Productions Rico Rich, where she obtained 1st place.

This event allowed him to materialize his first album entitled Militante . Proudly evolving within an artistic sphere where the male-female ratio is completely unbalanced, MCM campaigns tirelessly to take its place. The Militante project carries a socially conscious message, because it is inspired by the artist's experiences in the heart of disadvantaged communities in Northern Quebec.