MCM / Stand up - CD

MCM / Stand up - CD

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    Album tracks:

    1. Enough is enough
    2. Advance (feat. KT Gorique)
    3. Hit hard
    4. Middle finger (feat. Fanny Polly)
    5. Activist is Back
    6. Done (feat. Yacko)
    7. No breaks
    8. Banality (feat. Ami Yerewolo)
    9. Ensemble (feat. Sir Jamal, Mina the Veiled & Sister Lb)
    10. Determined (feat. Medusa TN)
    11. Free (feat. Adi Amati)
    12. Life
    13. Melody (feat. Psycadelick)
    14. Our voices (feat. Cekka)
    15. Different (feat. Eman, Assassin & Webster)
    16. Only family
    17. Girl Gang (feat. Tracy de sá)
    18. Normal
    19. Stand up Women International Cypher (feat. Sensei H, Ami Yerewolo, Gani, Vicky R, La prinz, La furia, Laady J, Justina, Meli, La Bruja, Audry Funk & Safyr Sfer)
    20. Standing

    MCM is a French-speaking rapper from Quebec City who has more than 10,000 subscribers on her social networks, more than 750,000 views on YouTube as well as thousands of listens on streaming platforms.

    “Stand Up ” is MCM ’s 3rd solo album and 5th in his career. Bringing together 26 artists from around the world including KT Gorique , Eman , Fanny Polly , Webster , Psycadelick , Vicky R , La Bruja and much more. This project aims to bring people together and refers to unity. It's a way for her to say we're together. This is why she wanted this project not to be exclusively, but predominantly feminine. It reflects her feminist side and above all her humanist side. The hardness and softness of his music make it a unique blend that leaves no one indifferent.