Mélou / Mission smile - Book-CD

Mélou / Mission smile - Book-CD

Les productions Benannah
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  • Book + CD

Album tracks:

1. Hello! Good morning!
2. Mission smile
3. The baboon
4. The umbrella dance
5. Oops!
6. The disgusting stew
7. Yay! Mission accomplished
8. The joyful refrain
9. The Rogolote fidget
10. Calm
11. Torticollis
12. Bec and Bobo
13. The song that makes you yawn

Through his contagious smile, his reassuring advice and his openness to the needs of little ones, Mélou brings us into his world straddling imagination and reality. Through fun quests, funny dances and above all 13 new songs, she ensures that her general public goes through early childhood with confidence, with laughter and smiles, feeling very safe under the caring wing of this big sister with a thousand ideas.