Michel Jonasz / Michel Jonasz - Vinyl LP

Michel Jonasz / Michel Jonasz - Vinyl LP

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Michel Jonasz is the debut studio album by Michel Jonasz originally released on October 1, 1974.

The two best-known tracks from this album are Tell Me and Super Nana . The authors and composers of the songs are Michel Jonasz , Frank Thomas , Alain Goldstein , Pierre Grosz and Jean-Claude Vannier .

Recordings made July 1974 at CBE Studios

Album tracks:

1. Tell me
2. First
3. The king of fools and birds
4. The lighthouse
5. Hans Müller
6. Supergirl

1. If Allah gives me a son
2. My Name is Jonas
3. After death Lola
4. Fanfan
5. My dog ​​territory
6. When I have to die

Published on November 22, 2019.