Mike Paul Kuekuatsheu / Origin - CD

Mike Paul Kuekuatsheu / Origin - CD

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Album tracks:

1. Ishpitenitamun
2. Origin
3. Tshiuetin
4. Alimish
5. Pashikutau
6. Milu tshishikau
7. Great hunters
8. Ansheliu
9. Time

Mike Paul Kuekuatsheu , is a singer-songwriter born in Mashteuiatsh (Pointe-Bleue), an Innu community located on the banks of Lac St Jean (Pakuakamit) in the province of Quebec in Canada. Previously known as Mike O'Cleary.

His compositions are inspired by his life, nature, history and culture of the First Nations and are folk/pop and traditional sounding. He sings in French, Innu-aimun and English. A recognized artist, he offers a brand new show taken from his 2nd album entitled Origine , released in 2018.

Rich in emotions, its show will make you vibrate to the rhythm of Mother Earth and the beings who inhabit it. His voice sings, a story, a dream, a mystical traditional atalukan (tale), the chronicles of the hunter-gatherers of the tundra, daily life in the immense forest of traditional unceded Innu territories. It takes you into a world that is both serene and festive while making you celebrate life loud and clear. His art is a unique opportunity to create bridges between civilizations and forge links between peoples.

It is with generosity that he shares the Innu cultural heritage and its values ​​of respect for the land, balance of life, mutual aid, solidarity and patience. His music honors the wisdom of the Elders and invites us to stretch our souls to “hear the torrent of the river, the breath of the wind, time to hear nature's wonderful sounds”