Miles Barnes / YFW (EP) - CD

Miles Barnes / YFW (EP) - CD

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Tracks from the EP:

2. Unbelievable strength
3. In the stars
4. You have to Work
5. Top of the web
6. Interlude (feat. Sunshine & Raw EL King)
7. Pair of Nikes
8. Blind brain
9. Sooner or later
10. This Is How It Goes

Miles Barnes is a Montreal rapper from the Ahuntsic district, in the north of the island of Montreal. The creation of its texts, the choice of its sounds and its productions, its careful communication strategy, its particular attention to the finest details, nothing is left to chance.

In May 2014, Miles Barnes released, with the help of Maestro Omayela , his first mixtape: Miles Away . This project of 12 original tracks attracts the attention of several established rappers from the emerging Quebec hip-hop scene. During this period, he met Jah Maaz , current member of the group LaF , with whom he collaborated to create a purely Montreal EP: Jah Miles – Ville Marie . This authentic and influential mini-album was released in August 2015. In 2017, after a precious incubation period, Miles Barnes released a surprise EP of 5 tracks: Air Miles . In a few months, Miles multiplied the release of diverse extracts, including a featuring with Kevin Na$h & FouKi accompanied by Quiet Mike .

The year 2019 is off to a strong start considering Miles' participation in the 23rd edition of Francouvertes . It was also during this competition that Miles expanded his network and met David Campana . Miles also ventures into show production. Indeed, in August 2019, he organized an evening called CED in memory of his best friend. The goal of this non-profit show was to raise as much money as possible to make a donation in his name to the Psychosocial Research and Intervention Group (GRIP).

After several major performances, a stay devoted to creation in Europe and a year of professional training (Carrefour des Arts de la Scène et de l'Entreprenariat), Miles returns to the charge, inspired as never before, with an album entitled YFW (Y NEED WORK) directed by Clément Langlois-Légaré and Adel Kazi (Pops & Poolboy), two key members of the Clay and Friends group; Noé Carillo from the French collective Novengitum and Montreal producer Mr Brock .