Mister V / Double V - CD

Mister V / Double V - CD

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Mister V is a 23-year-old actor from Grenoble. He began posting sketches on the internet at the age of 15, allowing him to gain visibility and thus develop in other media (stage, TV, cinema). ). A rap fan, he launched a music channel at the end of 2013 on which he developed his concept “Sapa Ssoupa”. He offers his musical universe while adding humor.

Seeing the feedback and the pleasure he takes in rapping, he decided at the end of 2015 to begin developing a more concrete project, and in 2017 Double V was born. Produced between Los Angeles, Montreal, Paris, Grenoble, this album is the testimony of the 23 years of life of Mister V. The themes covered are linked to his experience, his daily life, his travels, his doubts, his friends, his family, his relationship with women and his desire to rap, for real.

He writes all the texts, the instrumentals are mainly composed by Geronimo Beats with whom he co-pilots the project. His friend Tortoz also helps him with artistic direction. This project aims to break the codes, to break this invisible barrier between comedy and music which remains present in the collective unconscious in France. A rapper can do cinema, an actor can do pop, but can a comedian do rap that is not a parody?

Album tracks:

1. Top album
2. Venice
3. Breakfast
4. Deutsche Qualität (feat. Samy Ceezy)
5. Tomorrow
6. Nightcall
7. Apollo13 (feat. Juice)
8. Bulletproof
9. Space Jam (feat. Hayce Lemsi & Volts Face)
10. Gville (feat. Tortoz)
11. Therapy
12. Cinderella
13. Bonobo (Bonus Track)