MôdiVerrâ / MôdiVerrâ - CD

MôdiVerrâ / MôdiVerrâ - CD

Productions Virago
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Album tracks:

1. Cartier: The Malouin crosses
2. The little monk: Traditional
3. MôdiVerrâ
4. Interlude 1: The farmer's reel
5. By the fountain (traditional)
6. Champlain: The warrior foundations
7. Interlude 2: The reel of Pointe‐au‐Pic (trans. qc.)
8. The meal at the castle (traditional)
9. Talon: The seigneurial regime
10. Interlude 3: The snorer Gobeil (trans. qc.)
11. Jos Hébert

At once rebellious, melodic and festive, MôdiVerrâ 's music is part of the trad-metal movement with a desire to pay homage to the history of French-speaking people in North America, to its well-known and lesser-known heroes. Each song tells the story of a character who made French America! All in great pleasure and great pleasure!