Naps / VIP Square - CD

Naps / VIP Square - CD

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Album tracks:

1. In the villa
2. Without you
3. In smoke
4. For them (feat. Vald)
5. That's what z'men are
6. Monica
7. Poropop (feat. Soolking)
8. Looping
9. VIP square
10. 6.3 (feat. Ninho)
11. Polia
12. Carbon
13. Varadero
14. Percent (feat. Maes)
15. Heart on the hand
16. To the mama
17. Matrixed
18. Safe (feat. SCH)
19. Vessel
20. You grew up

Naps , the rap phenomenon from Marseille, returns with his new album Carré VIP . After collecting certifications, Naps is not about to stop: it is alongside Vald and his faithful friend Soolking that we find him today. Always more effective, the southern entertainer is now a reference for all clubs in France. Carré VIP is a continuation of its journey, that of an artist close to his audience, always ready to bring people together with conviviality and festivity.