Naps / We are made for this - 2CD

Naps / We are made for this - 2CD

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Album tracks:

CD 1
1. We are made for this
2. Obviously (feat. Kalif Hardcore)
3. It's War (feat. Rohff)
4. Tokyo
5. Destination
6. Vovo
7. Sick (feat. AM La Scampia)
8. On the bench (feat. Sofiane, Dika, Kalif)
9. Jnoune
10. Remember (feat. Heuss l'Enfoiré)
11. Selecta
12. Fortuné (feat. Lacrim)
13. Cape Canaveral
14. We pass the time (feat. Mister You)
15. Petou
16. You know me from where
17. Summer
18. Carnalita
19. La chica (feat. Dika)
20. Hashtag (feat. Raisse)

CD 2
1. Vito
2. Medellin (feat. Soolking)
3. Ex (feat. Kalif)
4. Relaxing
5. Callage (feat. Graya)
6. Ninetta
7. Control
8. It feels good
9. Life
10. Walk
11. Four
12. Oh yeah
13. The jackpot or the jackpot
14. Kenzo Polo
15. My love
16. From South to North
17. I miss you
18. Where? (feat. Nej)
19. Cheers (feat. Dika)
20. Coal

Coming from the new rap generation in Marseille, Naps made his debut alongside rapper Sahim with whom he formed the group 11.43 and recorded the mixtape “La rue a ses études” . A lot of excitement around this group in the region which leads them to tour many local scenes.

At the same time, he writes and records solo and collaborates with key artists of the Marseille scene such as Lacrim , Kamikaz , Zbatata , Guirri Mafia and MOH . In 2012, he also participated in Alonzo's Planète Rap .

He started a solo career with his first mixtape “Cartel & ma raison” including his classic “The neighborhood has its reasons” which today has more than 3 million views on YouTube.

Since signing with independent label 13ème ART in spring 2014, Naps has taken off. His first solo album “My city and my life” allows him to discover his entire musical universe, between very present hard and incisive rap and open and danceable sounds.

It was during the summer of 2016 that Naps found itself in the spotlight with its new title “Pochon bleu” featuring all the artists of the 13ème ART label. Listed for a long time in the top club, the title now has more than 48 million views.

Building on a substantial tour of showcases and the enthusiasm for each new clip release, Naps released a new album “Pochon bleu” on May 5, 2017, now Double Platinum. Barely a few months after the release of “Pochon bleu” , he followed up with “À l’instinct”, platinum in less than three months, a new opus of 23 tracks which marked the summer of 2017.

It's no surprise that Naps returns on June 28, 2019 for a new album. After the success of “Favela” featuring Soolking a year ago which has more than 100 million views, there is no doubt that this new album will make a lot of noise.