Necrotic Mutation / Mutation-0 - CD

Necrotic Mutation / Mutation-0 - CD

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In the 90s, Rimouski proudly held the title of “ Capital of death metal ” in Quebec. More than a dozen metal groups unleashed their decibels on the small town, making it one of the most active in the province. It was at this time that the groups DISASTER , CORRUPTION and CERVICAL SLOT were born. Each of these groups left their mark on Rimouski in their own way and each of these groups contributed to the founding and different mutations of Necrotic Mutation , one of the notable groups of Quebec metal.

We present here, for the very first time in digital format, the remastered versions of the original demos from each of these groups (1990, 1991 and 1992). Accompanied by a 20-page souvenir booklet, this CD aims to celebrate and preserve the music from this prosperous period of metal in Quebec and Bas-Saint-Laurent.

For the history of Rimouski metal, its contribution to the Quebec metal scene and to preserve the memory of this incredible period, we are proud to present Mutation-0 .

Track Reading:

DISASTER - Disaster (1991)
1. High Life System of Laws
2. Nation of Exploitation
3. Dying for Nothing
4. Mary Poppine Was a…
5. World of Fears
6. Obligation
7. Bloody Revenge

CORRUPTION - Death for Sale (1990)
8. Death for Sale
9. Spy Hunter
10. Behind Reality
11. Nuclear War
12. Pain in Their Home
13. Sellers of Silliness
14. Discrimination

CERVICAL SLOT - Cadavarous Wedding (1992)
15. Wretched Life
16. Deep Suffering
17. Cadaverous Wedding