Nessbeal / Star Zonard - CD

Nessbeal / Star Zonard - CD

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  • Cardboard Pouch

Album tracks:

1. RSC Intro
2. Avirex Generation
3. Every day Sunday
4. Eurozone
5. Memphis
6. The Dem
7. 40 days / 40 nights
8. More love
9. Criminal Ride
10. Passing cloud
11. Walk or dream
12. 2 leaves
13. Again
14. The Mist Strike

This is the event at the start of 2022: the big return of Nessbeal. 11 years after his last solo album Sélection naturel, the uncrowned king of French rap takes the microphone and offers us Zonard desStars.
He kept his fans waiting, who no longer believed it. But since January 13, 2022, the date of his surprise return with the single “Le Dem” featuring ZKR, a shower of encouraging and impatient comments has fallen on Nessbeal's networks. Absent solo for almost 11 years, the rapper from 92 who shone in the 2010s with his impeccable phrasing and his lyrics burning with authenticity returns surrounded by DJ Bellek, for his new album Zonard desétoiles.