Nili Hadida / Nili Hadida - LP Vinyl

Nili Hadida / Nili Hadida - LP Vinyl

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Take some things, your musical instruments, a computer. Get in a car, a train, a plane. Go alone. Take the plunge. Without anyone but yourself. Nili Hadida releases her first solo album, a large, intimate and sensitive record, with flamboyant simplicity, without clichés or embellishments.

After a crazy rise within Lilly Wood and the Prick , three albums, almost ten years of touring and as many victorious pop hits - including Prayer in C , remixed by Robin Schulz and sold 3.5 million copies -, Nili changed course. She has reached the center of her earth, her own latitude, her equator. “A group, even if I loved it, is an artistic and personal compromise.” the singer whispers in our ear, over tea and many cigarettes.

She therefore called on the duo Christian Rich (NERD, Diddy, Lil'Kim) for production. And for the mixing she turned to Jimmy Douglass , who has notably worked with Justin Timberlake, Björk and Kanye West: “a real love at first sight”. The fruit of these chic collaborations can be found in the interstices of the eleven tracks of this album with timeless beauty and arrangements that oscillate between prestigious pop and elegant R&B.

His first single, Covered in Luck , has delusions of grandeur while remaining very intimate. An immediate hit that doesn't skimp on feelings and thrills. And this is undoubtedly where all the strength and beauty of Nili Hadida lies: succeeding in making an album ready to conquer the stadiums while looking at us individually, straight in the eyes and in the heart.

Album tracks:

In front of
1. Gold Memories
2. Covered in Luck
3. Another Drink
4. A Lot Too Much
5. Dorian

Side B
2. Why Feel Alone
3. This Way
4. It's Me
5. Brazilian War