Nitzer Ebb / Basic Pain Procedure - CD

Nitzer Ebb / Basic Pain Procedure - CD

Word and Sound / Pylon Records
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Track Listing:

1. Faded Smiles 3:29
2. Tradition 3:47
3. The Home 2:24
4.Star 2:26
5. The Passage 3:51
6. The Book 3:33
7. Crane 2:25
8. Trust Ran In Colors 2:20

Live at CIHE, Chelmsford (December 9, 1983)
9. Tradition 3:44
10. The Home 2:44
11.Star 1:24
12. The Book 2:42
13. Crane 2:23
14. Violent Playground 2:44
15. A Whiter Shade of Pale 2:08
16. Smear Body 5:04

This recording includes some of the earliest Nitzer Ebb material ever, Basic Pain Procedure was a cassette-only release, until 2012 when Pylon Records released it on vinyl. This recording was primarily a tool to attract attention from record labels, but was also available for purchase at the time. It was recorded in Essex countryside in 1983, a year after the band played their first ever show at the Chelmsford, YMCA and was virtually the extent of their then live set.

The live recording is from December 9, 1983, at the Chelmer Institute of Higher Education. What is featured here are two live songs which have not been released before, A Whiter Shade of Pale , and Smear Body .