Nova Spei / Nova Spei - LP Vinyl

Nova Spei / Nova Spei - LP Vinyl

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Nova Spei was born at the beginning of 2012. Nova Spei has a unique sound, powerful and rhythmic riffs coming from 8-string guitars, all paired with a melodic voice. A perfect marriage between musical complexity and accessible sound! Whether in different forms of metal or rock, and even progressive, the influences are varied. This is what defines Nova Spei , which translates from Latin to new hope, a group of musicians ready to be reborn and above all contribute to ensuring that French-speaking metal is more and more present. Nova Spei firmly believes that there is room for heavy French-speaking metal, punctuated with intelligent lyrics leaving room for reflection.

  • “Clear” translucent vinyl record 180 g
  • Insert with lyrics

Album tracks:

In front of
1. Last mark
2. The Abyss (with Maxime Keller and Anthony Chognard / Smash Hit Combo)
3. The living-dead
4. Reality (with Ben Garceau / Death Note Silence)
5. The man of a thousand smiles

Side B
1. My muse
2. Deliverance (with Kevin Bordeleau / Burning The Oppressor)
3. The truth is elsewhere
4. Last Judgment (with Oscar Souto / Anonymus)
5. Millennial Nova