Old School Detention / Old School Detention - CD
Old School Detention / Old School Detention - CD

Old School Detention / Old School Detention - CD

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Old Schood Detention is a group from the Edmundston region, formed in 2009. The members of the group are childhood friends. Old School Detention has played on every existing festival stage in the Edmundston region and surrounding areas. In others; the Brayonne Fair Festival, Lac Baker Tourism Festival, Mont Farlagne Festival and several others. The group also toured some festivals in Kedgwick, Moncton and Montreal.

After several years of playing songs from well-known rock groups like AC/DC, ZZ Top, Metallica, the members of the group began the creation of their first eponymous album in the winter of 2018.

The album is a mixture of the musical influences of each member. Going through rock mainly but also hard rock, metal, funk, punk and progressive. This album is a dream for this group who put their heart and soul into it to bring this project to fruition after 10 years of preparation. This album is high in decibels, strong in emotions and energy.

Album tracks:

1. Hold My Beer
2. She Devil
3. Artificial Superstar
4. Brown Paper Bag
5. The Fabricators
6. Rotting Roots
7. I Am Only Human
8. For the Sake of My Pride
9. Nomad
10. Damaged Box